Customer Stories

Origin Machinery keeps your needs at the forefront of everything we do. We are a dedicated team of professionals who work efficiently to understand our customer’s needs and provide real value to each customer. We deliver reliable quality, competitive price and fast reaction & services, and we take pride in satisfying our customer’s requirements. Let’s see what stories behind those happy customers.


Liao has been engaged in the construction machinery for nearly 10 years. In 2019 he contracted a local road construction project in the town, due to the tight construction period, Liao quit using rental equipment and purchased the first used excavator in his life, this XCMG 15-ton excavator not only solved his urgent needs, but also allowed him to generate a super high construction standards which has been recognized by the project developer, and now he already bought 6 used excavators from us.


Mr. Alexander, who lives and works in Irkutsk Oblast, is a well-known local supplier of machines serving construction sites. Being in the industry since he was 17, his business also provides a complete set of construction machinery equipment solutions and maintenance services for municipal projects. He has successively represented equipment of many host brands, from the beginning of 2018 Mr. Alexander started to import used excavators and rotary drill rig with reliable sources from Origin Machinery, which allowed him to quickly and successfully obtain a 28% more qualified share of project suppliers than the previous year. Providing the best quality and the most economical cost budget allows Mr. Alexander to fulfill his commitment to the customers: You Deserve the Best.


Noyabrsk is located in the north of Russia, close to the Arctic Circle and the climate is extremely cold.
The extremely cold climate has brought great difficulties to the construction of the rotary drilling rig.
The job required the rotary drilling rig to maintain normal operation from minus 30°C to minus 40°C.
In order to achieve this, Origin Machinery and XCMG have taken  improvement measures on oil pipes, main pumps, and engines: replacing all oil pipes with cold-proof type; installed low temperature starting device;
The improved SR180 has been finally adapted to the extremely cold environment and meets the requirements of the construction party.


When the used equipment was sold from Origin Machinery to the United Arab Emirates and safely arrived at the buyer's hands, the after-sales personnel from the local official XCMG maintenance and security department were invited to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the used excavator and reviewed the details provided including excavator previous maintenance records and certified for accuracy. It was proven that real maintenance and repair records, real operating hours, real used excavator working history records, everything is "truth" as the first priority so that customers know everything they should know. This is also the most common "concern" of customers who intend to buy used excavators. Origin Machinery have been doing this to really dispel customers' concerns and customers are rest assure to buy used equipment from us!


Origin Machinery used excavator participate in TOGO's municipal projects.