Undercarriage Excavator Parts HITACHI EX2500 EX3600 Track Roller Bottom Roller

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Product Name:EX2500 EX3600 Track Roller
Process:Forging or Casting
Quality Guarantee:4000 hours/ 12 months
Transport Package:Export Wooden Pallet
Working Condition:Earthmoving and Mining

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Origin Machinery focus on high-end mining undercarriage parts and are dedicated to providing complete solutions for the aftermarket of mining equipment. We manufacture track assy, track rollers/bottom rollers, carrier rollers/top rollers, track shoe/track pads, idlers, sprockets/sprocket segments, which perfectly match various main models with an annual production capacity of 100,000 units/sets.

Diversified models allow us to provide excellent customized solutions to your mining equipment.

CAT374 PC800 ZX890 R9100 EC750
CAT390 PC1250 EX1200 R9150 EC950
CAT6015B PC2000 EX1900 R9250 ...
CAT6020 PC3000 EX2500/ EX2600 R9350 ...
RH120E/ CAT6030 PC5500 EX3500/ EX3600 PR764 ...
RH170/ CAT6040 D155 EX5500/ EX5600 PR776 ...
RH340/ CAT6060 D275A-5 EX8000 ... ...
D8N D375A-6 ... ... ...
D9N D475A-5 ... ... ...
D10T ... ... ... ...
D11T ... ... ... ...



The wheel body treated with integral hardening process and floating seal verified by limit test are adopted to ensure product reliability under harsh working conditions such as mining and heavy loads etc.


The anti-seizure and anti-seizure technology, advanced heat treatment technology and lubrication medium circulating structure of inner bearing wall are adopted to greatly extend service life of carrier roller.


The wheel body is cast or forged as a whole, with good fatigue resistance, and high-strength sliding bearings and sealing technology are adopted to improve the adaptability of products under extreme working conditions.


Based on working conditions of main unit, the driving structure can be designed with conventional teeth, continuous teeth, and staggered teeth etc., and high-alloy struc-tural materials and heat treatment processes are developed to achieve high-tempera-ture reinforcement and low-temperature toughening, which significantly improves product strength and wear resistance.


The products are made of special steel jointly developed with well-known steel mills to greatly improve their wear resistance and adaptability to working conditions in conjunction with induction hardening process for track link treads as well as inner and outer surfaces of pin sleeves.

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• Intelligent Production Line

Origin Machinery has the world's advanced full-process manufacturing equipment for track group and chassis products, more than 40 flexible processing lines such as automatic hot-die forging, fully automated heat treatment and welding and automatic assembly. We have created an agile and flexible service-oriented enterprise that can quickly meet customer needs.

We carry out in-depth research and application of informatization, automation and intelligence, and build a manufacturing operation basic platform with MES as the core and highly integrated PDM, SAP, SCADA and other information systems.

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